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Treat size gourmet popcorn snacks in delicious all-natural flavours:

Cheese & Tomato, Salty Sweet with Pepper, Tomato & Oregano, Simply Sweet, Simply Salted, Salty Sweet. 


£6.00 / 10 piece(s) *

Currently unavailable

Bring some fun into the kitchen and pop a tasty snack in next to no time. Pop your corn and then sprinkle on some salt or sugar and add melted butter for taste'.  

£2.50 *
100 g = £1.00

In stock

New (flavour: Pizza)

Pop @ Home Toppings for home popcorn chefs

Popcorn experts Corn Again have put together four delicious toppings to turn your next popcorn night into a delicious event.

There are four Pop@Home 100% natural Popcorn Toppers to choose from.

Simply pop your popcorn then sprinkle with the Popcorn Topper.

There's two sweet flavours - Coconut and Chocolate, and two savoury, Chilli & Cheese and Pizza.

£3.50 *

With this traditional popcorn maker you can make delicious fresh popcorn straight from your stovetop.Why not season with our all-natural popcorn toppers to provide a healthier delicious snack. 
£30.00 *

In stock

New (flavour: Chilli & Cheese, flavour: Pizza, flavour: Chocolate, flavour: Coconut)

Ideal gift for home popcorn chefs

Turn your next popcorn night into an extra-delicious event with this great gift for aspiring popcorn chefs.

We've included one of each of our Pop@Home 100% natural Popcorn Toppers and 2 x 250g of premium American popping corn.

£24.99 *

can be shipped within 3-5 days

(flavour: Cinnamon Spice)

A sharing bag of gourmet popcorn. Select your choice from four flavours.

£2.25 / Package(s) *

can be shipped within 3-5 days

New (case size: 20)

A mixed box of our 40g bags - 10 x Salty Sweet and 5 x Chilli & Lime Popcorn, 5 x Sweet Cinnamon Spice
£20.00 / box(es) *

In stock


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